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The Pup Walk & Whale Talk

DevilsSlideWalk logo 2017 325x295pxEver wonder what our local whales are up to? Then grab your family, your dog(s) and come on down to the first annual Pacifica Pup Walk & Whale Talk! This is your chance to discover the fascinating world of whales on the coastside, while taking a beautiful oceanside stroll and supporting a great cause. DSPWWT Dog On Trail LindaMar reduced

Marine naturalists will be on hand to answer questions and accompany the first group to leave at 10am, so be there early! And while we can't guarantee whale-sightings, the season for Blue and Humpback whale migration is from June to November, so it's definitely possible. DSPWWT whale at pacifica pier

Snacks and water (for both people and pups) will be provided along the ADA-accessible, fully-paved Pacifica Coastal Trail.

The length of the out and back walking course is 1.9 miles from the Pacifica Community Center. You can walk the whole trail, or if you and/or your pup get pooped, you can turn back at 
the 0.5 mile viewing point, the 0.7 mile viewing point or continue all the way to Rockaway Beach which is a distance of 0.9 miles. 

Please note that your dog must be on a leash on Pacifica Beach Trails at all times.DSPWWT Owner pup on Switchbacks 1200x630

Lunch is available at the Pacifica Community Center for $10 per person. 

Check our Check-In/Start Schedule page for starting times, location, parking information and additional details.* You can also "Follow" the Devil's Slide Pup Walk and Whale Talk on Twitter or "Like" us on Facebook to receive regular event updates.  

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(Please note that you are free to turn back at the 0.5 mile viewing point or the 0.7 mile viewing point if you don't wish to complete the full route.) 

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Please note that the route is subject to change based on CalTrans or local government requirements and/or weather conditions.