dolcevita cyclingThe Devil's Slide Ride committee members and volunteers come from all corners–from competitive athletes to civic leaders to individuals who hear about us through social media, co-workers, friends or family and just want to help. What all have in common, however, is a generosity of spirit, a kind heart and an appreciation for the work that Parca performs in the community.

On behalf of Parca, I offer our sincerest thanks. Our event could not come together without your help and selfless dedication.

volunteers young womenSincerely,

Diana Conti
Parca CEO

Committee Members 

Natasha Andreatta
Carl Arft
Chris Candari
Sue Digre
Cecilia Hinkston
Suzanne Hinton
Serenella Leoni
Sirenetta Leoni
Lori Milburn
Elias Olson
Bonnie Silverman
Michael Sticklan
Jim Sullivan
Gretchen Taylor
Pati Vicari
Casey Villyard


Golden Gate Triathlon Club
Keynote Systems Employees
Team Cancer Sucks!
Mai Balingit
Angelo Bresci
David Bresci
Ilene Harding
Kent Gaisford
Richard Lira
David Loder
John Loder
Pat Loew
Dawn Love
Luis Magalhaes
Terri McCann
Steve Salisbury
Keith Strachan
Amy Sullivan
Josh Villyard
Anne von Payr
Michael Whitelock

If you're interested in becoming a Devil's Slide Ride volunteer, you can find more information on our
Volunteer Opportunities page.