• The event will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2019, rain or shine!
  • All participants, must complete an Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form as follows:
  • If you’re 18 or over and you register online for any of the events (Century, Metric Century and 40-Mile), you must check “I agree” to the “Accident Waiver & Release of Liability (AWRL) on the online registration form in order to participate.
  • If you’re 18 or over and you register on the day of the event, you’re required to complete and sign a printed “Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form” in order to participate. (Link to downloadable PDF below.)
  • All participants under 18 who register for one of the events must have a completed and signed Accident Waiver & Release of Liability form signed by a parent or legal guardian at check-in. By signing the form, your parent or guardian certifies that you have sufficient training and experience to participate in the event you are registering for.
  • SORRY, NO REFUNDS. You are generously supporting PARCA services and programs with your donation.
  • Please choose wisely when selecting your ride.
    • The “Century From Hell” has 9251′ elevation gain, which is mostly concentrated within a 20-mile stretch. We recommend this ride for those who are aiming to complete the course in 10.5 hours or less, barring extreme weather conditions, because SAG patrols make their final rounds and aid stations close at 5 PM. We want to make sure you enjoy the benefit of full support throughout your ride and have the most successful, enjoyable experience possible!
  • Switching from one type of event to another or one distance to another after you’ve registered is permitted under the following conditions:
    • If you register for the Metric Century or 40-Mile and later decide that you’d rather participate in a longer event, you can pay to upgrade at the Registration Desk on the day of the event (or during Early Packet Pick-up at one of the Sports Basement locations). You’ll be charged only for the difference in price between the events.
    • If you decide to switch to an event that’s the same or a lower fee, you’re welcome to do so. We just ask that you please let the volunteers know of your change in plans when you check in, so that we can ensure that we have ride support resources allocated appropriately.


Safety & Courtesy on the Rides

  • You must wear a helmet at all times when riding.
  • It’s the responsibility of every rider to bring a bicycle that is in safe working condition. Both you and your bike should be in good shape and ready to ride.
  • Make sure to carry a spare tube or patch kit, pump, tools, water bottle, telephone, money, medical insurance I.D. and necessary medications, such as inhalers and the like.
  • Obey all traffic laws, road signs and signals.
  • Ride single file in traffic whenever possible and use designated bike lanes. Be alert for overtaking vehicles.
  • Please take care not to disrupt the lives of those who live along the routes. Make sure to keep your volume low when passing through residential areas.
  • Stay well-hydrated.
  • The Devil’s Slide Ride is a smoke-free event. No smoking is allowed on the courses, aid stations or at the Community Center.
  • You’re expected to discard all trash, recyclables and compost in the designated bins at the event and aid stations or in public trash receptacles along the route.

Check our Event Day Schedule & Parking for starting times and additional details. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.